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Organic Chemistry Section

Sustainable organometallic chemistry. Solid-phase synthesis. Water-soluble catalysts.

New amorphous and self-organized organic materials. Synthesis and characterization of thermal, luminescent and liquid crystalline properties.

Bioactive natural products. Cholinesterase inhibitors of natural origin and synthetic derivatives.

Synthesis of compounds of interest in pharmaceutical and organometallic chemistry: study of physical and chemical properties and applications in organic and organometallic synthesis.

Development of new synthetic methodologies based on heterogeneous metal nanocatalysis. Design and synthesis of bioactive organic compounds. Synthesis of intelligent coordination polymer particles. Computational chemistry at the electronic structure level.

Great Teams

LIUC is the Instrumental Laboratory for Shared Use that belongs to the Chemistry Department (UNS) and the INQUISUR (UNS/CONICET). LIUC has the following major instrumental equipment available for conducting research in the four areas of the INQUISUR:


- Chromatography System with Mass Spectrometry Detector, equipped with autosampler, AGILENT GC7890B MSD 5977A ALS G4513A.

- Chromatography System with Mass Spectrometry Detector, HEWLETT PACKARD, HP-6890, and HP ChemStation.

- Gas chromatograph, SHIMADZU GC-14B with FID and TCD detectors.

- Vacuum freezedryer, Rificor, model L-A-B4.

- Differential Scanning Calorimeter, TA-INSTRUMENTS DSC-Q10.

- Spectrophotometer, THERMO SCIENTIFIC Nicolet iS50 FTIR + and iS 50 NIR module.

-Epsilon potentiostat (BASi, Bioanalytical System, USA) equipped with electrochemical analysis software.

- Density and Sound Velocity Meter, ANTON PAAR DSA 5000M.

- Impedance spectroscopy system with temperature control system, 10 MHz & 35MHz.

- Cycled based system for electrochemical cells.

- Integrated centrifugal vacuum concentrator, THERMO SCIENTIFIC SpeedVac SPD111.

- OMNI, Sonic Ruptor 400, ultrasonic homogenizer.

- Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, PERKIN ELMER AAS Analyst 200.

- Spectrophotometer, FTIR NICOLET Nexus, with SMART for ATR-FTIR y DRIFT.

- Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, AGILENT 8543, with a diode array detector.

- Spectrophotometer UV-VIS, AGILENT CARY 60.

- Spectrophotometer, RMN, BRUKER ARX 300 NB multinuclear.

-Spectrofluorophotometer, AMINCO BOWMAN Series 2.

- Spectrofluorophotometer, SHIMADZU, RF6000.

- Spectrofluorophotometer, SHIMADZU RF-5301 PC.

- High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), KONIK.

- High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC), WATERS 600E, multisolvent, with a diode array detector.

- Liquid chromatography System with Mass Spectrometry Detector, Thermo Scientific, HPLC ULTIMATE 3000 – MSQ Plus.

- Exeter Analytical CE440 Elemental analyser (C, H, O and N).

- Radwag, MYA 4Y Microbalance.

- MALVERN Zetasizer ZS90 analyser for particle size, molecular size, and zeta potential measurements.

- Focused microwave reactor, CEM, Discover model.

- Electrophoresis system, Beckman Coulter CE instrument MDQ equipped with a diode array detector.

- Liquid nitrogen generator system.

- Laboratory Glass Repair Service.

-Miscellaneous: polarized light microscopy with controlled-temperature platen, mono-channel spectrometers, radiochromatopraphy equipment, solid scintillation crystals, Geiger-Müller tubes, UV-VIS spectrophotometers, electrobalances, densimeters, viscometers, autoclave, temperature-programmed reduction system (TOR), polarographic equipment, polarimeter.


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